Drawing is the basis for all the artwork I do, and is the medium which is most fundamental in my art practice. I use a range of materials, graphite, pen and ink, coloured pencils, charcoal, sometimes mixed with other media such as watercolour.

tulip4weborchid_pen2_webbanksiastrelizia_bw_webtulip1_webnewTulip6_finalwebWombat skullseaweed_final_webagapanthus_webbluebottle_scan2weborchid_dancewebbrokenshellswebdried_orchid1webdried_orchid2webbeard_large3bw_webbeard_large2bw_webbeard_large4bw_webblot_final07webblot_final09web

16 thoughts

    1. Thank Veronica – I do love finding form within imagery. The pencil tulip drawings are on A3 paper, so 42 cm x 30 cm, as is the wombat skull, the large coloured pencil tulip is on A2, so 42 cm x 60 cm. They are all much enlarged from reality. I did loose sketches from living flowers and photos, then redrew them and developed the more detailed drawings not worrying too much about reality, just enjoying the folds and interesting shapes that emerged. The more ‘accurate’ botanical studies are life-size and the pen and ink orchid (based on a tiny WA native orchid) is 60 x 60 cm.


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