Miniature art exhibition

For many months now I have been involved in organising an exhibition of miniature art, in my capacity as president of the Australian Society of Miniature Art, and we are getting close to the opening, on May 9. The works were submitted and reviewed last Friday, and now we have 76 works ready to go, 70 for the walls and 6 sculptures or hand-made books. The exhibition is to be at the Mint, a historic building in Sydney, which is managed by the Historic Houses Trust (or Sydney Living Museums as it is to be known from now on). The society was given access to several of the houses that the Trust runs at times when the public could not go in, so groups of us visited Vaucluse House, Elizabeth Farm and Rouse Hill Farm to draw and take photos for inspiration. Other members drew their inspiration from many other sources, anything that resonated with Australian history. I am putting in two works, one is the dish of apricots I described a few weeks ago, and the other is this pencil drawing of a pile of napkins and tablecloths that I saw on a table in Vaucluse House. (To come to the opening or visit the exhibition, which runs till July 4 see


Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. I love the way the napkins and cloths are casually heaped up there on the Historic House table Anna ! Your shaded work looks wonderful when clicked on to enlarge.. I can almost run my fingers through that fringe …. how big is this drawing by the way ?
    Very best of luck with the Exhibition , I have a feeling sometimes people don’t realise how very much hard work goes on behind the scenes to organise such an event so it will be nice for you when it is actually up and running I’m sure 🙂
    Have a lovely week x


    1. Oh, thank you Poppytump!I liked the casualness of the way the pile had been plonked there, as if they had just been freshly washed and folded, or collected out of the linen cupboard. I’m glad the drawing holds up when it is enlarged – it is only 6.5 cm by 10 cm, so quite little! I should have put the size in the post. I will be very glad when the exhibition is all up and running, there are a surprising number of things to keep track of, even though I am not doing it all on my own!


    1. Thanks Veronica! A miniature painting can have a perimeter of no more than 40 cm, so 10 x 10 cm, or other similar combinations, and sculptures can be no more than 40 cm perimeter on any face. We are encouraging as much diversity in the society as possible, so some people work in very traditional ways, but others are much more contemporary … we have printmakers, painters, sculptors. A tiny caryatid would be wonderful if you felt like a challenge!


  2. You get such beautiful detail in the fringe and elsewhere, and I like how you ‘lit’ up the image. Well done, and good luck with the exhibition too; is it a selling exhibition.


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