Drift – moving towards resolution

Gradually, after false starts, reworks and occasional bursts of inspiration Drift, the drawing I posted some time ago (see here), is being resolved. I knew it couldn’t remain as a flat artwork, and was thinking of turning it into a cube. That didn’t seem interesting enough by the time I came to do it, so the next idea was a twisted concertina. I cut it up in a long spiral, after marking out a grid (on the back) of 55 mm squares, which was then folded along the marked lines. The intention was that the concertina would be allowed to fall in such a way that the drawing was seen in a random way, but the effect was just an unintelligible mess. So, next step was to cut up the spiral on every other fold so that I ended up with a quantity of little tent shapes. Some of these I arranged in a box frame so that the folded edges showed and bits of the drawing are exposed. Others went through more development. I cut up another random pen and ink drawing into smaller rectangles, these were folded and attached to the original pieces with gold wire, which then protruded from the top. I added little tags made from more offcuts, so that I now had shapes a little like teabags, or miniature 2-page books. These will be packed into a small black box.

drift_box_web drift_books1_web drift_books2_web

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

16 thoughts

  1. Each ONE of these is now is a tantalising little miniature of creative drawing Anna !
    Love seeing new ideas happening with your work .


    1. Thank you Veronica – this is an area that I am finding great inspiration in. I love drawing, but being able to take it into a three-dimensional framework offers a much broader range of possibilities.


  2. Thanks Anna for thinking laterally and approaching the original problem from a different angle. That’s what makes this work stand out from the rest. Thanks for posting:)


    1. Thank you for visiting! It has been a long journey with this particular work, and its not finished yet, there are still some pieces to play with, but I have enjoyed all the twists and turns along the way, learning a lot as I went.


  3. Gosh. What you’ve done with your drawing is awesome. The work in the black box (of course I’m biased towards thoughts like this) makes me think of a Japanese aesthetic. The group outside the box has become almost animal-like – like a bunch of creatures standing around together. Giraffes perhaps!


    1. Thank you so much Julie – I can see the Japanese allusion with the black box, and I do agree. It’s still that square format that I can’t resist. The works in the box seem to have a serene quality that I associate with Japanese thinking, whereas the group is more dynamic. I like the idea of them being animal-like, I can really see giraffes now! I see these as being movable, not just in a row as I photographed them, but some on their sides or turned around. Room for play!


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