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This book was made from a large drawing of imaginary flower shapes. I used acrylic paint in a limited range of bright colours, painted using small strokes, with a fine brush. When the drawing was complete, I divided the paper into four strips, joined them end-to-end then folded them to make a concertina. To finish off, the end panels were folded back and glued down to make front and back covers.

Hand made books have been something I have been experimenting with over the last few years, so I have decided to add a books page to this blog. You can find it here.


Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

21 thoughts

  1. Anna this is lovely on so many different levels. Your painting technique is so interesting, it almost has a plush or brocade feel to it. The colours and white space make it vibrant and light. Your book format makes it so I interesting, it turns from a painting to a sculpture. You really do such interesting work. Karen.


    1. Oh Karen thank you! I am really enjoying discovering new things within the objects I create. Turning drawings into books takes them into a different artwork entirely. Of all of those shown, only the galahs and the small floral paintings were planned as a book or 3 d object, all the others came about as I struggled to give them life.


    1. Thanks Rosie. I bought the paper (a pack of 50 sheets of handmade paper) originally for printmaking, on the recommendation of a friend, but didn’t like it for printmaking, so its finally come into its own for drawing!


    1. Thank you so much Karen – I hadn’t thought of the likeness to needlepoint, but you are right, the strokes of colour are like stitches. I have often thought of combining stitching with drawing or painting, but maybe this is doing it anyway.


  2. So Gorgeous Anna . I’m thinking satin stitch edging from hanks of delicious coloured embroidery threads .. I see a softness in your lines of those grasses that are like bunny tails in the wind … I see things metamorphosing in front of my eyes …. must go lie down Lol


    1. Poppy – I just rescued this comment from spam, sorry for not responding earlier! I do hope there aren’t other ones that have been eliminated. It does have an embroidered feel doesn’t it? Using small strokes was a nice slow way to build up forms, and let the imagery take on a life of its own.


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