Miniature art awards


Last Friday was the opening of the annual awards exhibition for the Australian Society of  Miniature Art. Over the last few months I have been very involved in the organising of the exhibition, designing forms and the invitation, liaising with all involved, but finally it was all hung, judged and open. To my great delight I won an award, and it was the one that gave me the greatest pleasure, as it was for the most imaginative drawing. To me imagination is the most important driver of all I do. All four works I submitted were accepted, one being the little book I posted a couple of weeks ago. The drawing is in Indian ink on white scraperboard, and had its origins in a random swish of ink on the board, then I found birds within the mark, and brought them out with some scratching away and some extra ink added. It is very small, only 7 x 6 cm.


Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Congratulations Anna! I love the movement you have obtained in this artwork and coupled with your imagination there exists an image worthy of such an accolade.


  2. Hi Anna, I’m delighted that you got an award for this. The drawing makes me think of Kate Bush…specifically…the album “Never for Ever”. In several other albums she refers to birds in her lyrics plus there are mysterious looking birds and bird/people in her album graphics. There is so much movement in this work – I sense wind, wuthering and spells!


    1. Oh thank you Julie! You know, I don’t know much of Kate Bush’s music, apart from the well known stuff, so I think I need to check it out, I think I would connect with it. There is something fascinating about birds, so much historical myth and mystery, they offer quite a lot for one’s imagination to work with!


  3. Well you know we have other music in common – ie The Doors, David Bowie… a very beautiful album she made around 2007 is called Aerial. It contains BIRDS. Highly recommend. Like you, I love birds. I saw a few new species on my trip (humming birds, vultures and frigate birds). AND come to think of it, there is a bird in the drawing I started before I went away and now need to finish – though it is out-of-focus.


    1. I trust your judgement! I will definitely look out for it when I get home. There are some amazing birds aren’t there? I am looking forward to seeing your new drawing. I have done a couple of sketches since I have been away but really no time!


  4. Well – Anna – the new drawing is going very slowly – almost not going at the moment as I still feel quite jet-lagged. I seem to mostly be sleeping at the moment. Right now Bird Enemy is on my knee – ie the cat. But she is actually no risk to any bird as she is old, deaf and I’m not sure her sight is much good either. In theory she might like to catch a bird but in practice – no way!


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