Sleeping Beauty in miniature – a book in a box

Some ideas or residue of artworks linger. Several different ideas and earlier artworks have come together in this piece. The beginnings of this miniature book go back to an abstract drawing called Drift (see here) which became small folded squares and ultimately a set of teabag shaped 3D forms (see here) and a tiny book (here). There were quite a few folded squares left over, and I found them forming themselves into an interlocked concertina. As I looked at them, the sense of a dense, thorny hedge came to me, which suggested the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. So, I drew a little spindle on the front in red ink, and from this drew a thread through the twists and turns of the hedge, continuing from one side to the other. It needed words, so I found a copy of the story and took key phrases which I wrote in red ink in very tiny handwriting, following the red thread line. At the end of the front side the hundred years sleep began. On the other side, the prince arrived and made his way through the hedge to waken the princess.

The next stage was to make a container for the book. I decided a folded box would work nicely, so using a slightly larger template than for the boxes I made recently (see here) I cut out the shape from another drawing that was waiting its next development. This was the one I called Fairy Tale (see here). It wasn’t complete as a flat drawing, but now it seems to have found its calling.

The book is made up of 12 double-sided squares, each 5 x 5 cm.

sb7web sb_box3web
sb3web sb4web sb5web sb6web sb8web SleepingBeautyBoxweb

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

31 thoughts

  1. I love this work. It sure does look like a brambly hedge – just as you say. I particularly like the fact that the book has its own box. The box looks like it would not be out of place in the courts of centuries past. You need to tweek the second “here” because it takes you to the same post as the first “here” which is “Drift”. ie it isn’t taking you to the post with the teabag-shaped 3-D forms.


        1. Just fixed the link – I have been out all day and for some reason couldn’t do it from my iPad. I’ve made all the links open in new pages too, which I meant to do and forgot. Its good to be alerted, otherwise people don’t get the full picture.


  2. You create some of the most intriguing pieces Anna & this is a perfect example. Such a fabulous combination of techniques that fit together. Bravo! I’m in awe of your pen & ink drawings. 🙂


    1. Its funny, but I think the package is probably more delicate than the book! I was inspired by one of the friends I do arty stuff with every week, as she is making a lot of small books of varying kinds, and making boxes for each of them. When I thought of the boxes I had been making, it was a light bulb moment! Thanks so much!


    1. Thank you so much! I do enjoy making these objects. Well, as to next exhibition, I’m not sure at this stage, but possibly early next year. However, I do exhibit with the Australian Society of Miniature Art, and the next exhibition (Annual Awards) will be in late June, at the Ewart Gallery in Willoughby. I can email you details when we have the invitations ready if you are interested.


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