Queensland patterns and textures


Sorting through the photos from my recent trip, I realise that many of the photos are not showing beautiful scenery or wildlife so much as textures and patterns. I am always drawn to this kind of imagery – some will be used in future drawings and paintings, others are simply stuff I liked. Following will be a small selection of these, some are easily identifiable, others are just strange or beautiful shapes and forms. In the picture above I was looking down on Cooktown harbour as the sun set.


greenPlantweb EyreCk4 mangroveweb kookaburraweb sandduneweb sandpattern2web sandpattern3web sandpatternweb Atherton boxweb butterflyweb fungiweb sandstarweb shellweb valleyweb waspweb waterfallweb Wilcannia2

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

29 thoughts

  1. Such a lovely lot of images, still drawn to the sand ones with tracks in them. I am like you I come back from trips with photos of flowers, details of objects, interesting colours and very few of scenes, locations or people. Drives my family nuts.


        1. Jo, it is a Canon Powershot SX280, but I think it has now been superseded. The replacement has a bigger zoom, 30x as opposed to my 20x. I love the zoom on this one, it really holds the quality without breaking up. The new one also has a higher megapixel rating. I’ve been really happy with this camera.


  2. Oh, so much texture and patterns, beautiful colors and vistas. Inspiration abound! Thank you for sharing so many images. I really need to travel to your country! šŸ™‚


  3. Inspirational photos! Love all the little bits and pieces left by creatures; whether sand tracks or little balls in the sand or webs. What is the pink fruit? It looks like Nature’s own ice cream sundae!


    1. Yes, those little mementoes they leave are intriguing aren’t they. The pink fruit is actually fungi would you believe. Quite small, they were hidden under trees in Mossman Gorge. I have never seen them before. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


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