End of the season … or No 2 in an infinite series


This painting was completed a few weeks ago but has been waiting for a title. Choosing titles is a conundrum. Occasionally they are instantly obvious, the work almost names itself, but for more enigmatic material it is difficult. You want to give the viewer a bit of a guide as to your thought processes, but not leave them with no opportunity for personal interpretation. ‘Untitled’ is a bit of a cop out, but it does put the work totally in the hands of the viewer. It occurred to me that I don’t know what this one is about – I know it is based on plant forms, but my attention was more on the forms and colour, and sense of space within the painting than identifying exactly what it is. It’s more about a feeling than a specific plant, so maybe a more honest title is a number, as it is a companion to ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ (a title that suggested itself, click here to see the painting) in that it is the same size, also painted on prepared mdf board and uses the same limited palette of colours. Maybe ‘End of the Season’ works as a title for the series.

It is painted in oil on gessoed mdf board, 30 cm x 30 cm.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

16 thoughts

  1. “End of the Season” works for me. I always feel a bit disappointed when I come across “Untitled”. Maybe because I’m a fan of words and pictures working together. I get the sense of ripeness on the verge of over-ripe here…warm, juicy and sticky on the tree!


  2. “End of the season” is a perfect title and reviewing your earlier painting brings alignment of images…what happens next?

    It’s a very visually rich painting. I love the sense of depth and even the fact that I can see the texture of the canvas delights my eye. I like that it tells me just enough that my mind has to play with completing the story.


    1. Oh, thank you, I’m so glad that is your response to the painting, it’s just what I would hope for! What’s next … Well, I have several more boards prepared so hopefully I will be able to come up with more subject matter to fit in. Maybe inspired by fungi, they offer such wonderful shapes and tertiary colours.


  3. Beautiful. Lovely colors.

    I also really like your thoughts on giving titles to your work.

    “You want to give the viewer a bit of a guide as to your thought processes, but not leave them with no opportunity for personal interpretation.”

    That sums up the task of titling perfectly I think.


    1. Thank you Tom – I love words, and I do think a good title can enhance an artwork, and even become an integral part of it. It has to be that fine balance of not taking over from the artwork itself, but enriching the viewer’s experience.


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