Beach sketching


There was not a lot of time for sketching during our recent trip to South Australia, except for a couple of crab claws that were found on Beachport Beach – richly coloured and fairly fresh. The remainder of the shells were found at Corrimal, a beautiful beach just south of Sydney, easy to access for a weekend away. I have decided I have drawn enough perfect shells, so now am looking for broken ones – the inside structure is very beautiful and the shadows suggest other forms. Ideas that can be converted to larger drawings later.

These were drawn in my Stillman and Birn sketchbook, using pen and ink and watercolour.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Ahh – whether we are artists or non-artists we “see” different things from one another.

    I agree that broken shells have more room for improvisation than complete shells. Complete shells are rather like closed books or whole circles. Broken shells have so many possibilities.
    Lovely fresh drawings, Anna…so free.


    1. Thanks Julie – I didn’t make too much effort to be totally accurate with these sketches, hence the looseness. I’m looking forward to re-interpreting them. And yes, all eyes are different. I realise I miss things that others observe and vice versa.


  2. Beautiful snippets of natural history most people overlook. I really appreciate the way you capture the small, overlooked detritus on the beach. So much beauty in little pieces.:)


    1. When I am walking on the beach I spend most of my time with my eyes down, scanning for interesting objects – its amazing how much there is, even on what looks like a fairly empty stretch of sand. Thanks Gale, there really is beauty in these little things!

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  3. Anna I understand the search and I too get excited over finding the broken and worn down shells, they are so much more interesting and tell such a good story. I love your finds and what you consider quick sketches. I was just in the middle of sketching some recently found shells, they smell of the sea, what a great scent!


    1. Cathe, you have such a good eye for interesting finds and making wonderful collections! I agree, there is more of a story in the shells that have had a hard life. They don’t lose that scent do they – it takes you right back there!


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