A collaboration book finished


The series of collaboration books began with four of these small Moleskine booklets. This is the first one to be completed, with the aid of Cathe (Amaryllis Log) and Chris (Christopher Beeson Encaustic) both in the US. My drawing above of exaggerated bluebottle jellyfish is where it began, so there was a theme of the ocean and related objects. Originally I had left my drawing black and white, but with a hint of colour. When I got the book back I felt it needed more intensity, so added stronger colour, to give more form and strength, using coloured pencils.

Cathe chose the beautiful rocks and pebbles that wash up on beaches as her subject matter, and with a note of inspired whimsy, added drawings of rocks, feathers and shells as separate dangling additions. These enhance every page and work as a connector between the disparate styles of the three of us.


Chris works predominantly in encaustic. This technique is generally done with oil paints on board, so he needed to adapt his technique to work on paper. He used many layers of watercolour pencils, without adding water, to build up a rich and intense colour. The elegant simplicity of his seascape contrasts beautifully with the more detailed work done by Cathe and myself.


The first and last pages were a collaboration, Cathe started off with a feather on each, and so I added a few more.

collab2_final1web Collab2_final5web

There are three more of these Moleskine books in the works, and the four handmade books, so plenty more to come! Interacting with these other artists, who have all been so generous with their ideas, time and expertise has been an enormous pleasure – I think there will be more to come, I don’t want to stop!

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. What a beautiful book of works! I love the idea of the dangling works of found objects connecting the pages! Each work compliments the others so well! Congratulations to all of you! I hope you keep going Anna – I’m so enjoying these collaborations! ~ Kylie


    1. Thank you Kylie, yes, the little danglers are gorgeous. Glad you like it – I just have to add my bits to the first and last pages of the one you sent back, then I will do a post on that one too in a few days time.


  2. I’m amazed how well all the pages pull together – there must have been a chance that each individual would be so strong that it created a disharmonious narrative – but what a fabulous book you’ve all created. Such talent.

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    1. I’m so glad you feel that Anne – it is a very real possibility that there will be something that is out of step, but each book has really harmonised. Everyone has interpreted the theme in their own way, yet they all come together in the end. I do think Cathe’s dangling images really help though, they have married beautifully with each page.

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      1. I love those dangley bits! Can’t wait for your exhibition, at some point in the future, once you’ve created a few more collaborative books.


  3. It is such a treasure! I must say I could very happily live with Chris’ seascape on my wall. I think you books are really exciting. What a clever idea to have the cut out shapes too – I never would have thought of that.


    1. Chris’s piece is beautiful isn’t it, so serene. I don’t think I would have thought of the cut-out pieces either, but they have proved to be an integral element in connecting all the pages. A very nice idea. Thank you!


  4. So nice to see this book, I realised it is the only one that I haven’t seen. Cathe’s dangly bits are just gorgeous. All this added bits to the books make them even more special. Like you Anna, I don’t want to stop doing these collaborations, they are just so much fun and incredibly rewarding. Karen


    1. Thanks Karen – I think each book develops ideas further, which is so good to see. Who knows where we could end up! I keep having ideas about each one, and am tempted to tinker as they come back to me …


  5. Anna, this is so nice to see! It really is cohesive and I love how it all pulled together. your work and Chris’s work is amazing. I agree, let’s do more! This has been so invigorating!


    1. Thanks Cathe – it’s quite surprising how such disparate styles can work together so well. Maybe the constraints, of size, theme etc, are enough to make all the contributions work together. Who knows – but the fun is in making it work!


  6. I really cannot add anything more to other’s comments already Anna ! An idea that has evolved into something far beyond perhaps that which you envisioned . Such great artistic talent all together … Congratulations 🙂


  7. Beautiful little book. Like a shell washed up on the beach it’s small yet full of wonder. Thanks for sharing these collaborations. I find them to be inspiring morning browsing.


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