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Something I have often felt I should do is draw every day – there are many days I do, other times life gets in the way. With a big camping trip coming up, where I do intend to sketch every day, I decided to get into practice. A while ago I bought a small (15 x 10 cm) sketchbook in landscape format – this was the obvious choice to use, not too large but with plenty of pages. One small drawing a day has to be achievable.

For subject matter, this too was obvious – my collections of objects found on my travels, a ready resource on my desk. So, on 10 July 2015 I began, and now have 12 quick drawings. None took long – a quick drawing in pen, then colour added in watercolour. The collection will expand after the trip, so there will be an endless supply of material!

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. These are great drawings Anna, and your collection is of things I just love, urchins, lichens and gum nuts. Your drawing a day is a lovely idea and I look forward to see what you find to draw on your trip. Karen


    1. I must admit it was our collaborations friend Cathe who inspired me to start this, she has been doing a drawing a day for a while, and having all my bits and pieces to hand I was ready to go! I’m glad you like the drawings, I know your taste in these little objects is similar to mine!

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  2. How fabulous. I’ve longed to be the sort of person who’d sit under the shade of the tree making wonderful quick sketches. Alas, that’s not my talent but I’m more than happy to soak up someone else’s work. I love your collections – the real and the drawn.


  3. The first line grabbed me…..I should draw every day too!! I want to, I try to, but life sure gets in the way. I love your drawings and style….and attitude…just one small drawing a day is achievable….can’t wait to see more….


    1. It really is tricky just finding the time for even a quick drawing – I have to admit I cheated a couple of times with these and did two in one day when time was against me, but I have found it so enjoyable. When I draw I find myself consciously relaxing, so it is therapy too! Do give it a go Rebecca – just something tiny!


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  5. Lovely, Anna. I try to draw daily but not a drawing a day. The nature of my work and my nature doesn’t allow for a complete drawing. There are days where because of other work I just don’t seem to have the time. So I have the twenty-minute rule, which is that I can always find twenty minutes to draw. And inevitably the twenty minutes turn into hours.


    1. When I have a drawing on the go (and time, which has been seriously lacking lately) I draw as much as possible in a day, but with my recent lack of time this seemed like a good solution. Now I am travelling there will still be days with no drawings but hopefully I will be able to have some days I can devote time to it!


  6. I have sketchbook envy! I so love your sketchbooks, Anna. They are an inspiration and make me want to get better myself, but I couldn’t come close, so I’ll keep trailing happily behind you for as long as you’ll let me look over your shoulder like this!


  7. I haven’t commented on this post yet as I’ve been away – and it is much easier to make a comment from my home computer than from my I-phone. I’m glad to have waited though as today your birthday card “1/4 Banksia II” arrived. Once again it shows me the gulf between what can be seen on a computer screen as opposed to an art work in real life. While your work is lovely on a screen, the true incredible beauty and sensitivity of it can only really be appreciated IN FULL in person. Perhaps that is how it is with all art. Your “1/4 Banksia II” is such a golden delight, it lights up my desk. Thank you for this beautiful piece!!!


    1. I’m so glad the card arrived safely! It really is different seeing work on screen and in real life isn’t it? Although I know sometimes the reduction in size of a screen can improve things. By the way, 1/4 is a printmaking term meaning that print is number 1 out of four that have been printed.


      1. Oh – is it? I didn’t realise that. I should have as I have written on prints too! Duh!!! I’m a twit. Yes, it REALLY is different seeing work in real life. Your little card is smiling at me as I sit here typing these words to you.


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