Guest Doodlewash: Travel Sketching

The delightful Charlie at Doodlewash has been kind enough to give me a guest artist spot on his blog. He is a great supporter of all sketching art and watercolour. Such a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people! Thanks Charlie, much appreciated.


Doodlewash by Anna Warren

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenMy name is Anna Warren (Follow me on WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram!). Growing up in the UK, camping was not a big part of my life, but now I live in Australia it has become a huge part of my life. Each year we go into the furthest corners of Australia, exploring areas that most Australians never get the chance to see, let alone people from other parts of the world. Wherever we go I take at least one sketchbook – nowadays it is generally an A4 hardback book, my favourite being one from Daler Rowney, but I have also used Stillman & Birn and Hahnemühle.

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenI often also carry a small sketchbook that will fit in my backpack when walking, a selection of waterproof pens of different thicknesses, the fine ones, (.05-.3) are my favourite range, and a Winsor & Newton travel paintbox. The paintbox…

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I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. So happy to see your featured post on Charlie’s Doodlewash, a great read. Love your work and your ability to make even a discarded broken sea shell a beautiful piece of art. Thank you for sharing the journey and the inspiration.


  2. Anna I was thrilled to see you featured on Charlie’s blog and love seeing it here on your blog. You sketches and watercolor always delight me. I could spend hours looking at your work! Beauty really is in all the little details!


    1. It was a great compliment to be asked – such a great opportunity to reach different people, but you are the one who drew my attention to Doodlewash when Charlie featured you and your beautiful sketches. I love just looking at yours too, you have such a great design sense, and the most perfect fluid line. And yes, we both love the little details don’t we!


  3. Charlie, you have a good eye! Great to have Anna’s work on your site as a guest. The art of sketching is alive and well – and such thought-provoking results it yields in the hands of Anna.


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