Connections – a concertina book


Time to reflect, absorb, think – this is a key ingredient in developing ideas. The drawings that I have been working on over the last few months based on blots made from Liquid Pencil are moving into the next stage of development. From the beginning I had an instinct that they wouldn’t feel finished as framed artworks. I have framed one and realise that it is something that should be examined closely, if looked at from across a room it says nothing at all, the delicacy of marks are lost.

The artwork demands an intimacy that largeness of scale cannot provide, so I decided to take elements of the drawings to concentrate on. First I started with the drawing I called ‘Blot Series No 4’, see here for details. I made a 10 x 10 cm mask to choose elements from the drawing that had an integrity of their own. I found 5 pieces, cut them out and, once I had chosen the arrangement and rotation of them, glued them lightly to a length of heavy watercolour paper which I had folded into a concertina. The next step was extrapolating some of the marks at the edges of each piece, extending and developing them across the support to link the individual pieces. I may extend this piece with more panels.

The concertina is 14 cm high and 70 cm long, each panel being 14 x 14 cm.



Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. This is an interesting development. I like the way you’ve worked onto the backing page. I haven’t posted my last concertina book, but found myself going back and forwards linking the individual pages. Most satisfying. 😊


  2. What a clever book. It reminds me (in a roundabout sort of way) of children’s picture books that had intricate drawings with all sorts of things tucked away if you looked for them. They didn’t need words because the children and I made our own stories. This book seems a grown up version.


  3. I like the way you present this in the photo; white on white – very minimalist and clean. First thought that comes to mind is how gorgeous these designs would look on obi. Second is, I like how lights and shadows play a part in art work displayed this way, simply due to the paper folds. Third, there is something underwater-y about these drawings. What comes to mind are delicate seaweeds, coral and almost transparent sea creatures.


    1. The white on white was a considered choice, I felt the lightness of the marks needed a really clean support, although I may chose something different when working with the remaining drawings in the series, and I think I may also look to enhance the effect of folds and shadows, maybe pockets or more elaborate folding. An obi – yes, I can see that! These images would work well on fabric that was folded and draped in the way of an obi. Your Japanese aesthetic makes for an interesting way of looking!


  4. This is stunning! I love the colours and the abstract forms, I think the idea of looking at art up close is interesting, it allows you to appreciate the details 😉


    1. I read somewhere once that a good artwork can be ‘read’ from 12 inches away or 12 feet, and I can understand that, but I think there are some artworks that invite a more intense, close inspection and interaction. I do love fine detail – I guess that is connected to my involvement in working in miniature too. Thanks Liv!

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  5. I agree totally with your decision to cut up your art work and present it at this scale, it is far more intimate and the delicacy of your work requires a close look. I admire your bravery in continuing to work and mould the piece, cutting it up must have been a bit nerve wracking. The mounting and the connecting of the works across the book is really beautiful. Look forward to further developments of the series. Karen


    1. It’s funny Karen but it wasn’t nerve wracking at all cutting the drawing up – I think it is because I had time to absorb it and think about what needed to be done and I was ready for the next stage. I’m so glad you like the outcome! I’m working on the next one now, and the one after that will be treated differently I think …

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  6. This series is seriously fascinating. I want to step into it and really see the details. Your choice to spread the image off the squares and onto the concertina pages was excellent. Congrats on such a wonderful piece!!!


  7. Seriously beautiful Anna ! I love how you take everything so much further . Such a lot of thought and imagination here I know 😉
    Love the contrast between textured watercolour paper and your ultra smooth delicate drawing x


    1. Thank you Louise! I get a lot of satisfaction from pushing something further – I knew these drawings had potential of some kind, I just needed to find a way to convey what I wanted to say. The next ones will be different, I am still at the mulling over ideas stage.


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