More drawing in Scotland 

My visit to Stirling is almost over and I will be sad to leave – I feel very at home here. The upside though is seeing more of Scotland over the next couple of weeks. It’s a beautiful country, with dramatic landscapes, deep history and friendly people. 

I have continued finding interesting plants to use as reference for my drawings- some are familiar to me, some not, and some I have rendered more faithfully to reality than others. The flower second from top is inspired by Willow Herb flowers, but they have taken on a heavier, more fleshy look. The one below is from the Willow Herb once it has gone to seed, with wonderful twisting tendrils and fluffy seeds escaping. 

I’m not sure what the last one is, maybe elderberries but perhaps something more toxic. 

The top drawing is a break away from the pen and ink, being drawn with water-soluble pencils, something I have never used before. It is quite different from the Liquid Pencil paste that I have used in the past. It takes a little getting used to, working out how much pencil to apply before smoothing out with a wet brush, and which level of pencil to use – I have HB, 4B and 8B. Today I will start a new one of these. 

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. These are very beautiful Anna, I love the way you have followed the contour of the plant with your lines especially in the berry picture. My favourite is the seed pods, the contrast between the curly pods and the fluffy seeds looks fabulous and I can almost see them twinning. Karen


    1. Thanks Karen – it is very satisfying to work with line like this, I just start and each bit dictates the next! I wasn’t sure how that pods one would go, the real thing is very complex, but I feel I got a simplified version of it in the end, hopefully capturing some of its delicacy.

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    1. I enjoy the purity of black line on white paper too Cathe – as I said to Karen, it’s very satisfying. My instincts are always monochrome first, and making the decision to just use pen for these takes away any feelings that I should be adding colour. Thank you for your lovely comment!


  2. Beautiful rounded forms of Autumnal bounty Anna ! Have a super time exploring more of Scotland 🙂 A part of UK I’ve sadly neglected … don’t forget to share some photos when you can !


    1. It is autumnal bounty isn’t it? I do love all the hedgerow fruits and flowers. I used to know all their names, but they have somehow escaped me! I think you would love Scotland, some of the landscape reminds me of Iceland in a way … I will post some pics, at the moment I mostly have castles, but I think there will be more variety to come. Thanks Louise!


  3. Aww Anna
    Just saw this post in my email! Wish I had known you were so near and we could have met up for a coffee! I’m only 35 mins from Stirling, just north of Perth. If you’re any where nearby please pop in! My number is 07709237011.


    1. Oh that would have been so good – I would love to hear more about your work. We’re still heading north now, but will be coming back in about 10 days. If it looks as though we are getting close to you I will give you a call and see if there is time to meet up. We have been out of range for a while, internet connections have not been good so I have to pick up emails etc at odd times! Hope we can meet up.


  4. I love looking at your beautiful drawings. I especially like the one done with the water soluble pencil. I recently bought some liquid pencil and don’t know how to use it but I’ll figure it out. Or not.


    1. Thanks Nancy – the pencils are a challenge in some ways, quite different from regular dry pencils, but I want to keep experimenting with them. Do have a go with the Liquid Pencil, you could end up with all sorts of interesting results!


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