Music box -prints to objects


Four imaginary musical instruments are now complete. It has been a journey of discovery, several ‘aha!’ moments, and as many ‘oops’ moments. On my desk are a number of shapes cut from my prints which haven’t gone together in the way I intended, and they are now waiting for a new approach. There still may be a little more tweaking to all of these, and some gluing and strengthening to make sure they will travel safely to their destination.

The prints used in these are all drypoint, some on copper, some on acetate and some on drypoint card, a lovely surface to work on. I have used a lino block too, which appears on some of the circles in Whirlygig. They are printed on 250 gsm Corona by Magnani except for the one at the front on the curved base which is on 300 gsm Voyager watercolour paper. The inks are all water-based and are a mix of Akua and Schminke.


The two above images are of ‘Whirlygig’, in its completed state and in progress.


This one is called ‘Up and Down’. You can see the print that I used, cut into 3 strips, two strips cut and folded to create pop-ups and the third makes the base. You can see some of the image that is on the back (which I forgot to photograph). These formed themselves into a stepped construction, a bit Aztec in its form. Maybe there are new directions to come!

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. I’d like to give you my instantaneous impression upon seeing these. In a word – celebration. The objects together make me think of either a fairground or a table of birthday party food for a child’s party. There is something so happy about these. I’m sure the bright optimistic colours are part of the equation, as well as the merry-go-round and maze-type shapes.

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    1. I hope the pleasure I had making these has come through – I’m delighted to think there is a sense of celebration and joy. The thought of a fairground gives me ideas for new directions that works like these can be taken! (It also brings me to thinking about titles – if I had given these works different titles, would they take on different meanings in themselves?)


  2. So beautiful and your creativity is ever astounding Anna ! Away at the moment again will look forward to a proper look see on my desk top instead of small sometimes very un smart phone 😉 x

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  3. These are wonderful–I love them. I appreciate your explanations about how they were printed. I have not done printmaking since school and I used to love it. I live in a small apartment where I also do my artwork so I adjust my work to my space.

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    1. Printmaking is – mostly – not really good to do in a small space, too messy for one thing! But handprinted lino is something that can be done, and I think would suit your way of working if you wanted to give it a go. Thanks Nancy, great to hear from you!


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