The Kimberley in July, Part 2


Twelve drawings are now complete, so the next stage will be working out how to put them together in a book. I think it will be a concertina, as this gives the opportunity to see the sequence of the images.

See the previous post (here) for more background to where the imagery for these postcard-sized drawings comes from. Below are the final six.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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      1. Amazing!! And I love that you travel so much. Are you always on the road or just take short trips every year? I wish I had someone to travel with like that! So cool! And your watercolour pens sound interesting can you tell me what they are called? Thanks!☆

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        1. We only travel when we can, it’s been a while since the last trip. I don’t use watercolour pens, just a waterproof pen, available anywhere, and a small travel set of watercolours, which are wonderful, very compact and easy to use. Made by Winsor and Newton.


  1. A concertina would be perfect for such a set. Don’t you think the colours are Christmassy?! (I know that isn’t a word and the red underline as I type confirms this.) But I’m thinking how lovely a concertina of these little reds and greens would look displayed during that season – as the drawings are truly festive. Christmas in July. Indeed the objects themselves seem to dance on the pages, not unlike baubles.

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    1. Well, I did realise this set were very red, but I hadn’t thought of the Christmas angle … I think when they are mixed with the remaining six there with be less of that sense. I’m still working out just how I will present these, at the moment I am tossing around the idea of them sitting on a black background (still as a concertina), so each one is framed, but I will need to keep mulling that over. Thanks Julie, always good to hear your take!


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