Portrait collaborations

Towards the end of 2016 a friend, Sue Rawlinson, and I agreed to start collaborating on artworks together. There are two elements to the collaboration, one is portraits, the other is small concertina books, which I will document in another post. We agreed on a size – 15 x 15 cm – and on the paper we would use, Arches 300 gsm smooth, and beyond that it was up to each of us to decide what medium, style or technique to use. We would each draw a portrait – it could be a real person or an invention, then pass it to the other to enhance.

To start with we each had some apprehension about what damage we might do to one another’s work, but confidence grew and we both happily added and altered the portraits as they came to us. As we were both involved in other projects sometimes weeks passed between bursts of energy. By now we have each completed about 15 drawings, but some are still works in progress. Below you will see 18, nine from each of us, that have been worked on.

Next year we are hoping to have an exhibition together and the portraits and the concertina books will be a big feature – we won’t necessarily use all the portraits, but choose those that we feel work best, but ideally have a large display. To see more of Sue’s work go to http://suerawlinson.blogspot.com.au

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. These are extraordinary – so varied and interesting. You WOULD both have to trust one another (and yourselves) not to mess up one another’s work. That would have worried me too. I like these very much as each one is so full of interest and collectively they work brilliantly.
    (I didn’t get this post or my own yesterday in an email so something is up between wordpress and my email – though I’m getting comments etc. Happily I saw your post on FB. I may have to re-follow you with a different email address.)

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    1. Thanks Julie, I’m glad you think they work – each one is a challenge, I often spend a bit of time thinking before putting a pen or pencil to the work. Some of my efforts I am happier with than others, but I like all of Sue’s! (I sometimes have difficulty logging in to WordPress if I want to comment on someone’s post, its very odd. Maybe something has been upgraded.)

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      1. I’m getting everything (comments, likes etc) except any actual WordPress posts from anyone.
        I like all the portraits and notice with interest the different fashions and time periods among them…so there is something nostalgic about them.

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  2. Thank you for the lovely post of our work Anna, and thank you everyone for your kind remarks. It is a very interesting and challenging exercise. Sometimes I spend a whole day thinking and planning and actually doing the work, particularly the concertina books mentioned by Anna. But it is very rewarding in terms of working with an artist friend but also in stimulating the imagination.


  3. Anna, I’m so impressed with all you create and collaborate on. How do you find the time to tackle everything on your table? Keep those collaborations going. They certainly brighten all parts of the world!

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    1. Ah, time! That’s something I never have quite enough of! I love the diversity of both working alone and with collaborators, the input of other people makes me think differently and broadens my ideas, but I suspect sometimes I spread myself a bit too thin and could do better work if I simplified things. However, life would be much less interesting! I have just received Karen’s book, sent mine to Rebecca and I see you have just done a blog post on your book, so I will go and visit now – I know it is going to be beautiful. I love our interactions, and love the friendship that has grown from them. Thanks Gale!

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  4. Such an interesting idea. Drawing anything over and over can really help you grow and develop a style and then you add collaborating with it and you have two people developing and how interesting! These will make a magnificent exhibit. You inspire me with all that you do! So creative.

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    1. It is interesting how the portraits develop Rebecca, I think we are getting more adventurous as we go along, and we are understanding one another’s approach more all the time. I think a wall of the portraits could be quite striking! So glad you like it!


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