Norway part 2 – the land

The snow of Norway seems a long time ago now, here we are in balmy autumn in Sydney it feels like another world, but looking back at these pictures reminds me of the beauty of winter and what an interesting and diverse trip it was. These pictures are just a small sample of those I took, but enough to get an impression of this amazing country.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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    1. Yes – it seemed to be the best way to see the Norwegian coast and potentially see the Northern Lights. We discovered that finding the Northern Lights is much trickier than we were led to believe, but we did get there in the end! There’s a bit more info about it on my previous post, if you’re interested!

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        1. My husband did, but they weren’t very strong. I think sometimes you will get lucky – they told us if the captain saw good lights during the night he would alert any interested people, but it didn’t happen for us. We went on a bus trip out a long way into the countryside where we eventually saw them at 1.30 am. It was worth it!

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      1. These are amazing. Each photograph a different deep color. Thanks so much for sharing.

        I want to mention that my sister Meg Wolitzer will be in Australia. She will be in Sydney at the Writers Festival doing a few different events between April 30th and May 5th. Here’s the link to all her different events:

        And then on May 6th she will be in Melbourne at the Wheeler Centre. Here’s the link:

        I wish I was coming along with her.


        1. Thanks Nancy – the colours were wonderful, even in the snow there was such a range of tones and colours. How exciting that your sister is coming to the Writers Festival, I try to get to some of the events each year, so I will definitely look out for her!


  1. I love seeing Norway through your eyes Anna. And of course I love seeing you snuggling with the puppy. Your Northern Lights are spectacular! They can be seen from Northern Minnesota, but I have yet to see them. Love seeing all the buildings too. I live in a very Nordic community and see so many similar themes. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

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    1. Its fascinating that different places resonate around the world, another friend told me the buildings and landscape very much reminded her of New Zealand. We discovered that the Northern Lights are quite elusive, so we felt very lucky to see them at all – they are such an extraordinary phenomenon. The search for them becomes quite addictive … That puppy was so gorgeous – he was groaning, almost like purring! It was quite hard to hand him back!


        1. It was Cathe – lots of memories! After we left the ship in Bergen we travelled through Scandinavia by train, then flew back to London from Copenhagen, and that section was great too. There might be more photos, once I have sorted through them!


  2. Gosh Anna, aren’t the colours gorgeous! I do love cold colours. There is such a sense of fairy tales in these photos. One really could imagine sprites and goblins – (perhaps the sprites in summer.) The leaning buildings add to the sense of other-worldliness. So pleased you experienced the Northern Lights.

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    1. Scandinavia really is the home of fairy tales isn’t it – it must be something to do with the long nights of winter and the depth of the cold, great opportunity for telling stories that are echoed in the landscape and even the buildings. I love those cold colours too, and there is so MUCH colour, even within almost monochrome snowy landscapes. Julie, I think you would enjoy it!

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  3. I spent some time in Denmark in 1986 and touched upon Helsinki in 2013. But that’s all. So little time, so many countries to explore. At least good ol’ NZ is close at hand. I can enjoy its antarctic colours.


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