From the depths


Liquid Pencil is an essential tool for me in the drawings I am doing at the present. It does not end up being the dominant medium, but is the base for everything that comes after, and dictates the direction that each drawing takes.

The support for these are paint swatches from our local hardware store, the surface is smooth but has sufficient tooth to hold first the Liquid Pencil, then the graphite or coloured pencil that is worked in on top. In these, the base colour has a brown tone, so that is the colour range I have used when developing the marks into finished forms. Some I have also scratched into with an etching tool to make lighter marks.

To me these speak of something far below the ocean, strange eruptions, maybe living creatures – there is plenty of room for interpretation.

One of the images in this set I framed as a miniature, and it won First Prize for drawing in the Australian Society of Miniature Art annual awards – I was delighted!


I called this one ‘Rising on Wings of Gauze’.

Below are individual images of those in the set above, click on them to see the detail.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

17 thoughts

  1. These are always so much fun to see and study. All forms of life…and drift wood! Has your hardware store found you out yet?! Such a great use of those beautifully smooth swatches. A big congratulations on you win Anna! So well deserved!

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    1. Drift wood is something I can see now too! The hardware store is still in blissful ignorance, but I did make quite a large collection which I’m steadily working my way through … Thanks for all your kind words Cathe!


  2. Anna, there is something birth-like about the attitudes of these fantastical creatures. Birth is hard work. It is as if the individuals are hauling themselves out of the murk – which is not keen to let them go. Hence there is so much push-and-pull energy in the tiny works. It makes one think of ‘in the beginning’ – the dawn of time.

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    1. I love the analogy of birth, it fits perfectly with what I was trying to achieve, the idea of ‘hauling themselves out of the murk’ is just wonderful! You have a great skill in interpreting my work, seeing things that are somehow subliminal and making them real. The previous set I called ‘The End of the Earth’ so the synchronicity of ‘In the Beginning’ makes a perfect fit, thank you!

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