One drawing leads to another – this one followed on from ‘In Flight’ (see here for images and background). Once again using Liquid Pencil loosely and almost randomly applied as a base, on yupo paper, then the forms are worked into and developed using different kinds of pencils.

Early stages – the top third or so has been worked into, also the bottom right corner, but the remainder shows the initial marks made in Liquid Pencil.

One difficulty with this kind of work is photographing it accurately, looking back to ‘In Flight’ it looks quite clumsy, a lot of the fine detail and some delicate elements are just not visible in the photo. I think you can see a little more in this one … the details below may give more sense of it.

At present this one is called ‘Connections’ based on the almost ribbon-like structure linking all the elements, but I was sent a link to videos of birds performing murmurations, where they swoop and turn in an enormous group creating extraordinary patterns in the sky, and I can see elements of that in this, so that may be a new title!


Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Anna, it’s great to see the close-up images where all the details are apparent. There is such a dimensional quality to these shapes with the subtle gradations. I do like the idea of connections as they seem to dance together in harmony. Are you done with this one or will it continue to evolve?

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    1. I’m glad you can see the detail Cathe, it’s such an intrinsic part of the final thing. I think this one is done, I don’t want to complicate it too much more. I’m working on a new one (I think you’ve seen it on Instagram) that is bringing in some colour, so that is the next stage of development!


  2. To me this drawing looks influenced by the dry specimens you observed and drew on your recent inland trip. I sense the presence of insects’ wings and discarded skins, every mark is so light, almost translucent and fly-away. I feel that if I blew across the page the marks would blow away right off the paper. Exquisite!

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    1. Every aspect of one’s creative life influences another doesn’t it, even when we are completely unaware. I didn’t realise I was thinking about the things I had absorbed from my recent trip, but you are right, there are hints and suggestions of these little objects throughout. Thank you, I always appreciate your insights Julie!

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