Letterbox collaboration – portraits

The letterbox collaboration has now added portraits to the mix and its been fun! We are keeping the starting marks very simple so there is room for interpretation in any number of ways. These are 10 x 10 cm, once again small enough to easily pop into a letterbox, and still using any available materials.

This seems a good opportunity to tell more about my fellow collaborator. I have been friends/colleagues with Patricia Moy for about 25 years, from when I was accepted into the Australian Society of Miniature Art, and at that time Pat was president, and since then we have both been very involved with miniature art. But our paths actually crossed a few years before, when Pat wrote a definitive book about painting miniatures, published by Simon and Schuster. As a freelance graphic designer, I was given the job of designing the book, and although we never met at that time, we certainly knew of one another.

Over the years Pat has been a friend, a teacher and a mentor to me, giving generous help and advice about numerous aspects of my art practice whenever I have asked for it. Watercolour is the medium she works in most, but she is also an expert pastellist and printmaker. Miniatures have been significant in her art practice, and she has been teaching the skills for many years, but she also paints much larger works. She has a very good eye, and can quickly see what can be done to improve an artwork, regardless of style or technique. Mentioning her eye is significant, because now she is legally blind, having been living with macular degeneration over a period of years. Losing one’s sight has to be the most devastating thing for an artist, but she is still working and still producing good and interesting work – I think her hand is often guided by the huge quantity of experience that she has, it has become almost instinctive. Another thing that keeps her going is an endless curiosity about the world around her, and sheer determination. Any conversation with her is always a great journey as it can head off in any number of interesting directions. I have both respect and great fondness for her.

The first four pairs below are started by me and finished by Pat, then the next four are Pat’s beginnings and my endings.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

9 thoughts

  1. I’m enjoying looking at all the people you’ve created together – as if they were individuals sitting on the bus to Circular Quay.

    Lovely to meet you, Pat! Oddly enough I was thinking about losing sight just today – brought on by the fact that I know my eyes are getting worse and worse. It’s great that you continue to do art!

    What you are doing together is so inspirational that I’d like the whole world to know about it. At this special time we are in, what an exceptional way to communicate.

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    1. They would be an interesting bunch to meet on a bus, wouldn’t they! Gosh, I do miss going on a bus, it feels like a lifetime ago. Pat is hoping the fact that she can still do these, even with limited eyesight will encourage others to do it too. I agree with her! Thanks Julie!

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  2. This is so interesting to see and read the behind the scenes information. You both complimented each other perfectly and created quite an interesting collection of people. I hope you continue with this series. Pat sounds like an amazing mentor and friend. Thank you for sharing the details!

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    1. They are an interesting bunch of odd bods aren’t they! Doing this is really an excuse to let the imagination go, so it has been fun. Pat is a great person to do this with, she is game for any challenge and full of artistic energy. I counted them up yesterday, and we have done 34 of the long semi-abstract ones, and 21 of the portraits, with no sign of stopping! Thanks Cathe!


    1. Thank you Nancy, we are enjoying them! I have had a slight hiatus because of renovating my studio (the things we do in isolation!) but will be back onto it today. And yes, Pat is a real inspiration.


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