Inland skies

The cloud forms that can be seen over inland areas of Australia are very different from those seen along the coast. I’m sure a geographer could tell me why, but my enjoyment simply comes from looking up, rather than knowing just why they are so different. There is a particular kind of fluffy, almost blob-like series of clouds that can be seen as you travel further west. As soon as I see them I know I am going where I love to be.

Having just returned from a short trip to the north and a little to the west of Sydney, beginning in Gloucester, then to Uralla, Inverell and finally turning for home again via Tamworth, I would like to share a selection of these beautiful skies.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Anna, I love clouds too, it sets the mood for sure! I love seeing the different landscapes and cloud formations you encountered on your trip, and the light based on the time of day. Beautiful!

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    1. Thanks Cathe – a cloudy sky has much more interest in it than a clear one for me. Looking up gives me a sense of peace, of being anchored in the world somehow. It is extraordinary how the clouds differ depending on where you are. Its a constant source of wonder for me! It was a good trip, although a short one, we were lucky to be there to experience such a colourful autumn, probably brought on by a mild, wet summer.


    1. We were amazed at how lush everything was, long, deep grasses, still green even this late in the season. However, the evidence of the hardships of recent times was evident in the animals – there were none. We didn’t see a living kangaroo (one or two sadly roadkill) where we would expect to see masses, and no other animals or large birds. Birds in general were more plentiful, but still a bit limited. We were very glad not to see mice though, it seems the mouse plague was still concentrated further west. The scenery was very beautiful, rolling hills and so many European trees in their autumn finery.

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  2. Wow! And I must say I DID notice no animals in your photos but it didn’t occur to me to mention this. Heck, that is so confronting. I am daily confronted by climate change in my own backyard. Our huge Fremantle Norfolk Island Pines are dying…so many of them. And I look at the many species of birds who use them and wonder about THEIR futures.


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