Growing wild

Continuing the series of drawings that are based on flowers, this one was inspired by a pot of tiny purple orchids growing outside my back door. As with the others, once I had done my initial base drawing reality went out of the window, and the marks took the lead for the continuing development of the drawing. I have called it ‘Growing Wild’ as that is what it seems to be doing.

The marks are becoming bolder and more free, but still with some fine detail in places. I have used a limited palette of colours, in the main purples and greens, with occasional pops of a bright raspberry pink, or yellow. The overall image is – I think – clearly flowers, yet when you look closely there are suggestions of small animals, birds and unknown creatures.

This drawing is large, 94 x 64 cm, on yupo synthetic paper, using Liquid Pencil for the base drawing, then drawn into with Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils.

Below are some detail images, some of them showing the work in progress.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

12 thoughts

  1. As you know I love the yupo surface which is so ultra-white and contemporary. The marks you make are crisp in the extreme on this surface. I always take in your sense of design. The way the shapes are composed one can see them as either vertical (almost tree-like) with branches; or horizontal – blown this way and that onto the ground. I tend to see them as vertical; upright in space, because of the sense of movement, as if there is breeze around each form. Another striking sci-fi botanical from you.

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    1. Something I hadn’t thought of is turning the drawing around (I know this is not what you are suggesting, but it sparked a thought). Often with my abstract paintings I do that, and sometimes find that they work better turned 90 degrees, or even 180. The original photo I started from is messy, with flower heads going in every direction, and I think that has carried through to the end result. It IS a sci-fi botanical!

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  2. As always, so interesting to study your abstract flowers. As you mentioned, there seems to be other life forms in these shapes. I do like how everything works together with great movement. The evolution of this work has been so intriguing!

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