Blue Spike

Continuing to explore the the flower shapes begun in my previous drawing I had expected there to be more of a lean towards blue tones, but the reds crept back in again, but not to the extent of the previous drawing (see here). Once again, the forms were suggested by a flowering plant I found in parkland near the ocean, but the drawing took over once I began.

I’m not entirely convinced this is finished – there may be more marks to come which will connect the two elements in this drawing more closely. There is more going on in the previous version, so maybe this one needs to keep up!

The base drawing was made in Liquid Pencil, then the drawing developed with Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils, using yupo synthetic paper as the support. Below is a picture of the two drawings side-by-side, followed by some detail images at various stages of the development of the drawing.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

10 thoughts

  1. You may decide it isn’t finished, but I think it is absolutely perfect the way it is. I suppose only putting it out of your sight for a bit will give you the space to see if there is more you want to do or not when you next bring it out.

    Your pictures encourage me to make up stories. So…in my mind the flower on the left is the female flower and is quite coquettish towards the upright ‘male’ on the right. She seems to be skipping away from him but the body language is ‘follow me’. His petals, meanwhile, are eyeing her intently. A sensual dance between the two of them.


    1. Dancing, and a sensual one! I think you’re right, it is. With this drawing I did want interaction between the two, and a dance is the perfect way to get that. A couple of people have suggested it would make a good textile print, which is not what I was intending at all. The thought of adding more activity should alleviate that I think … I do have a horror of my work just being decorative, I always hope for a bit more depth. There does always need to be a story, and if every viewer can create a new one I like that idea very much. Your interpretation gives them character!

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  2. Sit with it and see what happens. I’m thinking there’s something else to develop, but I’m feeling rather busy these days! Love it at this stage and whatever happens later, or not!

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    1. Thanks Gale! Yes, I think there will be more happening. I may even link the two drawings into one large piece, I quite like seeing them side by side. This is my usual modus operandi – wait and come back, sometimes months later!

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