A hanging garden

This is a big drawing, 94 x 64 cm, so was a little tricky to work on, too big for my drawing desk, but I had decided I wanted a challenge, a drawing that would take time, that I could get lost in.

It was inspired by a bunch of mistletoe hanging from the branch of a gum tree near our campsite on my recent trip to Queensland. The flowers that appeared in the drawing are completely unlike the flowers that really belong to mistletoe – these arrived by themselves.

The base drawing was – as usual – made with Liquid Pencil, brushed on loosely with a rough old brush. When I moved the paper to the floor from my desk to complete the base drawing, the Liquid Pencil ran, dripping off the edge of the paper. I decided to incorporate the drips as part of the image, I liked the idea of it continuing beyond the confines of the page.

The image could be from a huge seaweed bed, floating way out in the ocean, or it could be a parasite plant, overtaking a forest, or a curtain of vegetation in a tropical jungle, or on a far distant planet.

It was drawn on yupo paper, with Liquid Pencil and Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils. A little additional colour was added with Prismacolor pencils.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

18 thoughts

  1. Wow Anna! This is so different and such an attention-grabber. So lush and slightly menacing. The drips suggest menace and the claw-like shape of the leaves. As with many of your drawings it is a universe filled with life. Mistletoe is a parasite and this creation of yours has a consuming air to it. Look from a distance but don’t get too close because it might grab you!

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    1. It is different isn’t it, less about flowers, more about foliage. I’m quite glad it has a sense of menace – maybe one day I will do a drawing that is more benign! However, having said that, I always feel there is an undercurrent of doom in my drawings related to climate change, particularly because I see changes happening faster and faster. I want a safe world for my grandchildren, so maybe the gentler drawings won’t happen for a while!


  2. Anna Warren drawings are NEVER benign! I know what you mean about the undercurrent of doom – with world problems – it is impossible to be unaware of it unless you are totally in a trance. Your work manages to be menacing while still being very beautiful to behold.

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  3. The idea that an artwork is full of potential stories is such a lovely one, it means the viewer can return and keep finding something new, so I’m delighted you see that in this one. I enjoyed doing it, getting lost as I worked, so maybe that has permeated it! Thanks so much Anne-Marie. (I’ve updated my email addresses with this one.)


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