In the year or so that I have been keeping this blog, I have been given three awards, the most recent one just before Christmas – much to my shame, I haven’t followed them up, even though they have all given me much pleasure. To do justice to the generosity of the people who have nominated me I felt I needed more time to think about my response. So, now is the time to hand out some bouquets.

There are some bloggers who have a large following and get nominated very frequently, so I see they often ask for no more awards. I am planning to cheat a bit and not actually offer any awards, so that no-one needs to follow anything up, instead I will list some of the people who have inspired me since I began this journey, in the hope that more people will see their blogs and enjoy them as much as I have. I have gained far more from this journey than I ever expected, and have ‘met’ people who have become firm friends.

First, I should mention the people who nominated me – I follow them all and enjoy their take on their world. Many thanks to you all. First was Joseph Merrill, a photographer who works on his photos to take them into works that are sometimes like abstract paintings. His blog is called A Glimpse into my Work and is at

The next was Meticulous Mick, another photographer (I am surprised to find how many photographers I follow!) who captures the rich beauty of his native Ireland.

The third was Janina, another photographer who makes intense, intimate works which are deceptively simple.

Now, in no particular order are just some of the many people whose work continues to inspire me, make me think, surprise and delight me. – beautiful photos, drawings, paintings, whimsy, words and a close connection to the England I grew up in – delicate, ethereal photos of the natural world in Canada – incredibly detailed photo-realistic coloured pencil drawings with a personal touch that makes them unique – David does quirky, meticulous pen and ink drawings, sometimes with colour added – Veronica makes ceramics, female figures with a story to tell, and wonderful loose drawings – the life of Tim, a forester in California who draws, takes photos and has a wonderful calm, generous and humorous outlook on life – beautifully composed photos, mainly of domestic still life – Anita posts infrequently, but her work – large scale metal sculpture and delicate etchings – is beautiful – Susanne does glorious, loose, flowing drawings. – a mix of printmaking, ceramic and other three-dimensional work, lots of interesting experimentation – great draughtsmanship in charcoal – Jo makes minimal, loose, expressive watercolour paintings – intense, detailed drawings. Imagination working overtime! – Kate (mostly) paints botanical subjects, clean, accurate and elegant

There are many more artists I follow, this list could be very long! In general I have left out some who have thousands of followers as many people will already be familiar with their work, and tried to pick a variety who inspire me in different ways. Thank you to you all. I hope 2014 will be a wonderful, exciting, energetic and fulfilling year for us all.

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I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Gosh – three awards!!! Congratulations and well deserved too. Kiss-on-the-cheek for putting me on your bouquet list. I’m very happy to be one of the friends made since we both started blogging. Happy New Year, Anna.


  2. I have JUST unwrapped my bouquet Anna πŸ˜‰
    How delighted I am to receive such a ‘gift’ you thank you so much .. I’m really glad we have connected through this blogosphere and as a result able to share our interests, ideas, projects, travels and much more ! It’s been fascinating seeing and reading about your Art process and how you see formulation of ideas take shape and evolve, sometimes awhile after the beginning of a piece.
    Let 2014 bring lots of new creativity to us both and the others you have highlighted here …
    I shall potter over and take a look in the next couple of days πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year Anna !


    1. I have enjoyed the experience enormously too – it really feels like a whole new world! I will continue to enjoy opening your posts, each one makes me think and always admire what your busy mind has been doing. Long may the blogosphere continue to give us all pleasure, friendship and inspiration!


  3. Happy new year, Anna – and thank you very much for the bouquet. I feel honoured πŸ™‚ and I hope that 2014 is creative and productive for you. Best wishes, Jo


  4. Well, anna, I did not expect this treat! Thank you! “….deceptively simple…” — yes, I like that. Your work always inspires me; the latest jewellery experiment is a good example of your creative thinking and seeing, and I look forward to seeing more from you this year. I’ll wander over to the others in your list, soon….Cheers, πŸ™‚


    1. The treat was your nomination of me! The great thing about WordPress (and I imagine all blog platforms) is the community it creates, and the constant opportunity for finding inspiring people that we would never otherwise know about. So, I am equally looking forward to all your new posts too!


      1. I quite agree! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve used the ‘deceptively simple’ quote in my footer under Others say: Will make link up to your blog with your name under the quote.


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