Sketching from TV

In order to get practice at portrait sketching, it is best to find people who are unaware they are being drawn, and an easy way to do it is from the television. People who are being interviewed generally keep pretty much the same pose, sometimes for a decent amount of time. I keep a pen and sketchbook near the television and most of the time forget to pick it up, but every now and then get a good opportunity for a bit of drawing. Most often the people are politicians but the odd musician sometimes crops up. Below are Paul Keating, Treasurer and ultimately Prime Minister in the 1980s and 1990s, Kevin Rudd, also an ex-Prime Minister and Jakob Dylan, son of Bob Dylan and musician in his own right.


Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

19 thoughts

  1. Well .. aren’t friends wonderful when they come up with an idea like that Anna ! Great line work .. so much expression in your first one particularly .. his age maybe …
    Sounds like another thing to try … oh… my list is so long 😉


    1. I agree! and this friend is an endless source of useful ideas. I’m glad you liked the first one – he certainly was (is) a strong character. I know what you mean about the long list of things to try – if I never bought another piece of art material I would have enough to last the rest of my life … but on Monday I bought up a whole lot of supplies for making jewellery, I have plans for making pendants out of photos of my small paintings. So another new journey!


      1. Oh I can see those working out VERY well Anna !
        … and I have a new little piece of lino and set of cutters but no ink :-/ … yet..


  2. Gosh – you’re very good at this, Anna. Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd are instantly recognisable. (I’m sure the other guy is too but I don’t know him.) Drawing off tv is something which has never occurred to me…and now that you have given me the idea…I know I’ll never try it. (Looks too much like hard work)!


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