The printmaking methods I use include etching, lithography, linocut and drypoint. Some use a single plate in one colour, others are multiple plates using a range of colours, some are hand coloured, depending what the subject matter and technique demands. Most recently I have been experimenting with monotypes, some of which I then draw into to create a mixed media artwork.

Miniature etchings – 7.5 x 7.5 cm

Linocuts with Chine Collé – 26.5 x 26 cm


Etchings – 14.5 x 25 cm


Lithographs – the top two are 35 x 20 cm, the bottom four, which are coloured with monotypes, are 15 x 10 cm

Monotypes with stencils. Each is unique (i.e. not part of an edition as the prints above are)


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