Mixed media map

The mixed media drawing started in my summer school is finished. It was a work in progress in my Summer School post (see here) and has been worked on regularly since. Just to recap, the work began with rubbings made around the National Art School, using anything that yielded interesting textures, made on tracing paper and light weight drawing paper. These rubbings were then cut into strips, which were threaded into slits cut at regular intervals on a topographic map. The slits follow the lines of longitude and latitude, so are not parallel to the edges. The images on tracing paper were overlaid on the others to create more layers. I then started to draw into the image, pulling the rubbings together with the marks on the map, using Inktense pencils, releasing the colour with a wet brush.

It has required a lot of stopping, looking and thinking, punctuated with bursts of activity. Working on it was quite hypnotic, deciding which lines on the map to take and then how to extend and expand the marks that resulted. The choice of colour had to come from marks within the map and within the rubbings, sometimes echoing the colours, sometimes going to opposites.

The final image is cropped – I like the intensity of a smaller image that bleeds outside the image area. 


Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

16 thoughts

  1. I like the way you had to decide which journeys to take – ie which lines to follow and what to do with them. If you did the same exercise 100 times there would be 100 different journeys as you’d always make different choices. Which is rather symbolic of the routes we take in life…
    Regarding the work itself, it is really striking and I immediately take to it. Mind you, I have always loved maps so perhaps I’m biased! Just love the balance of line, shape and colour. So unique!


    1. You are absolutely right, every mark I made could have taken another path. It became quite addictive to keep finding new little tracks or interpretations of what was there, and it was fun, which has to be a good thing! When looking at it I am mesmerised by different areas, following the tracks through. There is still more I could do, but I think I will stop now! Thanks so much Julie, always appreciate your comments.


    1. Well, the back is not very interesting, the back of the rubbings is white and the reverse of the map is a satellite image, so mottled green. I may do another using that side of the map, it would be a very different result. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Such ‘hypnotic’ work has surely made some magic here Anna. I found my very own unique journey criss crossing the paper 🙂
    Lovely indeed.


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