Autumn and winter

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Do not look for literal interpretations of Autumn and Winter in these sets of works – it is more an impression, a sense of each season. Autumn – going to seed, shrivelling up, pods bursting. Winter – warm and dark, only the most robust plants survive the outside cold.

These are companion pieces to Spring and Summer (see here), a counterpoint to the energetic growth and fulfilment of those seasons. The sap is slowing, defences against the short days and cold are building.

A little postscript – Summer has sold. I felt sure if someone bought one, they would buy both, to me they were so clearly a pair, but the buyer must have just fallen for one. So, I think I will frame another set of three and call it Summer 2, just so I have a full set of seasons!

The paintings are 10 cm x 10 cm (4 in x 4 in), oil on canvas.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

27 thoughts

  1. Ah, wonderful! I think they work so nicely together or separately, although I prefer together. Congratulations on selling summer, but glad you will pull another summer together…a year without summer sounds bad!


  2. A beautiful grouping and the black frames really work. Congratulations on the sale of summer. I like the thought of a new summer series as like nature the seasons evolve and are never the same twice. Karen


  3. Tried to comment on my phone but for some reason I couldn’t. So here goes on my desktop – I love these paintings. There is power in small packages. They are perfect and so is the framing. I bet your framer gets real enjoyment from framing your paintings.


    1. I’m glad you are back on line! Doing comments etc on a phone is only a last resort I find … I’m delighted you like these. They do have a different quality from the others, but fit together quite well. I was very pleased with the framing, but they were tricky for the framer as he had to take the paintings off their stretchers and put them on narrower ones as there was too much bulk of canvas for them to sit neatly together. His face fell when I presented him with these! But he did a great job.


    1. Aah , but a Canadian winter is so beautiful! Although I probably wouldn’t say that after a few months, but it certainly sounds good on a sweltering summer day here. And it does inspire such beautiful photos from you. Always appreciate your comments Karen!


  4. Anna, I don’t know if you like Georgia O’Keeffe’s work, but your work reminds me of hers so much even though yours is so unique. You are doing on a small scale what she did on a much, much larger scale which amazes me! I am thinking of going back to flowers again. I just signed up for a free course on painting flowers in acrylics. Yesterday I was learning about underpainting and layering. I have never approached it that way so I am excited to learn how now 🙂


    1. I do know Georgia O’Keefe’s work and I love it, but strangely I only came across it after I started painting like this. I had an instant feeling of recognition! You will enjoy your course, its always good to keep learning! Thanks Patsy.


      1. Wow! I bet that felt great! You and she are awesome artists! And you’re welcome, Anna. I do like the course so far. I painted over a small acrylic painting I did a long time ago that didn’t come out right and am planning to practice some stuff on it. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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