The view from my chair


I am lucky enough to have two spaces to work in – my office inside the house where I do my ‘real’ work (i.e. work I get paid for!), with computer, scanner and all the other related paraphernalia – and a shed in the garden. The shed is shared, so I only have half. In the other half there are bicycles, weights, some tools and tables where the other occupant does mysterious things with cables and soldering irons, and other unidentifiable bits of hardware. It is a blissful place to work, no distractions of emails,  but with radio or music or talking books in the background.

The table is actually a sewing table with fold down sides, so it can be folded up and pushed back against the wall when I need more space, but opened up fully I can really spread out. There is a floor-standing light with magnifier, handy for miniatures or fine detail, and a hard floor to cope with spills or paint splatters. The magnifier is covered with a bag as I discovered to my cost that sunlight going through it at the right angle can start a fire …

On the drawing table is a work in progress, a series of studies of broken shells in pencil, but there is another drawing under way which uses the coloured pencils set out. On the back of the table are some recently completed works in oil on board and on the wall are some of the small oil paintings on canvas, which have been a continuing series over the last four years or so.

Light pours in from the folding doors that open to the garden, letting sunshine and fresh air in. So what am I doing sitting at my computer writing this? Time to go!

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Yah, I love seeing where artists work and this is a lovely studio. It is also exciting to see your work in situ as it gives it a sense of scale. Yours is way neater than mine. The colours of the walls are beautiful, such a warm, tranquil space, thanks for sharing. Karen


  2. Such a happy and positive space, Anna. Who even needs a glass of wine as a relaxant when one has such a spirit-lifting environment? If this is your shed, I bet your house is warm and inviting too – and filled with lovely art.


  3. Wow, Anna! You are so blessed to have two places to work, and your work is amazing and beautiful, but I hear you about sitting at the computer. However, I am so glad you did take the time to write and share your space with everyone. It is inspiring! My main place of creating my paintings is a table in our bedroom. When I am working on small drawings, I am usually in a chair with the T.V. on! That may sound weird, but I can get a lot done during a movie. We have a small house and the garage which is too packed with “stuff” for a car, is also detached from the house and is always either “too cold” or “too hot” to work in. I am waiting for the day that one of the kids move out so I can take over their bedroom! 🙂


    1. I really am blessed Patsy, but the shed is a fairly new environment for me – it used to be a dark, damp garden shed but about 5 or 6 years ago we rebuilt it and made it habitable, but I have only been using it properly for a couple of years. Its amazing what we can make do with when we have to!


      1. Yes, you’re right! I just wish our garage wasn’t so hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. We live at a very old fish hatchery that my husband works at, so these houses are over 50 years old. The garages are detached, too. I think if we could just get it cleaned out enough, I could use space heater out there in the winter, but it still wouldn’t be very comfortable having to wear a coat or layers of clothing to work in. So I just have to wait for one of the kids to move. The space I have in our bedroom is fine for now. 🙂


  4. What a super personal space Anna .. as others have already said it looks so neat !! And again to see your art displayed like that does give a sense of scale . You have such an all seeing eye … it’s lovely to see your world in paintings .


    1. Thank you Poppy – it has changed entirely since I took that photo, still relatively neat but the table just has one large sheet of paper, a couple of brushes, some weights and a big pile of cling wrap …. an experimental drawing coming up! It is very useful to be able to display my work on the wall like that. I have a very handy man in my life who put up the hooks (not to mention the fact he built the shed)!

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  5. Anna, I have turned slightly green. What a beautiful work space! I don’t think I would ever want to leave it. I like the thought of having a creative space without technology. You have the best of both worlds…


  6. Thank you so much for this post. I enjoy seeing, very much, how artists carve out a space for themselves to work. Your space is warm, inviting, and so inspirational. I especially like seeing all of your work around your area.


    1. It is a good place Robert, I feel quite privileged to have it. It constantly changes though, right now I have moved the drawing board and the table is filled with the constructions I have been making from my prints!


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