Collaboration book 4 – No fear of flying


This is the fourth book in the series – today this one will head down to Melbourne, another will come back to me from Canberra this week, one came from Melbourne and will go to Canberra today. The fourth one is still in the US, having gone from Minnesota to Colorado. A new development is already underway with four of us – two from Australia, two from the US – each making a book which will then be passed from one to another to work a pair of pages.

From a small idea a wonderful and enriching joint project has developed. The mystery of what each artist will do enhances each step – I am loving the experience more than I can say. As soon as the first one is completed, I will do a post about it.

The idea for the imagery in this one came from when I was making my really tiny book (see here). I was doing little drawings inspired by the objects on my desk and around me, and one came from the small wooden mannequin which stands in front of me, and made me want to use it further. I often play with it, putting it into different poses, seeing how far I can manipulate it before it falls over. When I had done the initial drawing I could see it was flying, in a relaxed and uncontrolled way, so gave it clouds to add to its enjoyment of its journey, and brought in the legs of a companion. It has no fear of flying … memories of the 1970s book Fear of Flying by Erica Jong maybe were lurking around too.

Below are the bits of drawing I have placed on the first and last pages. Karen and Kylie, my collaborators will add to these.

Collab4_Flying2_1web Collab4_Flying2_2web

To see other parts of the collaborations see my posts here, here and here, and Karen’s (Occasional Artist) here, Kylie Fogarty here and Cathe (Amaryllis Log) here. Such inspiring people to work with!

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

19 thoughts

  1. I agree, this has been so much fun and I’m thrilled that we will have another round! I love seeing what you have done in the other books. We have the same mannequin man at our house. John dug him up from who knows where in the basement and he now has the most beautiful patina wood from age I would imagine.


    1. Those mannequins are great aren’t they? This is a tiny one, only about 10 cm tall and hasn’t had time for a patina to build up yet. I expect yours is beautiful! Yes, I’m looking forward to the hand-made book version of the collaboration!


  2. Oh, that one is coming to me, how exciting!! How fun is this idea, I will have to put on my thinking cap to see where I want to take this idea. I love a challenge. You are so right Anna, I did not realise that this would be so much fun. Karen


  3. Did I realise that you artists were adding bits to one another’s drawings? No I don’t think I did. I thought you were all doing completely independent art works. Certainly it makes it even more interesting if you are taking parts of one another’s works and taking them further.
    This latest wooden mannequin work causes me to hum the tunes from Coppelia as I look at them.

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    1. We are just working together on the first and last pages – it is going to be interesting to see what turns out! Ah, Coppelia, something I hadn’t thought of, but I can definitely see it – you always have an interesting take. Thanks Julie!


  4. I love how this is an international project. And as you say, the mystery of what each artist will do adds to the beauty of the whole project. I look forward to seeing more and reading more about the whole process.


    1. Thank you Nancy – so often it is simply too expensive in postage to make international collaborative works, but these books are quite small and light, so very transportable. There is an element of trust too, sending something out into the ether, but that trust has really been rewarded so far! I’m looking forward to the next stages too!


  5. What a super idea and so much fun to collaborate with one another. Love the mannequin. I often use them for drawing, posing, and practice. Keep enjoying! Marian


  6. This is such a wonderful idea and now my head is fizzing with ideas about collaborations! How interesting it will be to see each artist’s take on the idea – a bit like a visual Chinese whispers. Going to follow your links now to the other artists.


    1. Thank you Anne – I think we are all getting a lot out of this, I love your analogy of Chinese whispers, it really is like that. The next collaboration is going to be another leap forward, with each of us making the book first!


  7. Your little mannequins show a real sense of freedom and buoyancy floating here in the clouds Anna ! I’m loving catching up with your work and the collaboration . It’s taken off beautifully 😉


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