Small concertina collaboration

The two-part collaboration project with my friend Sue continues – more portraits (see here for previous post) are being done, and the four small concertinas continue to grow. Each has a theme of its own – the garden, household objects, landscape and toys. The one I have found most challenging was the landscape one, but a challenge is good for the brain, and I am happy with my contributions so far!

The first two books (garden and household objects) are bought ones, made by Sennelier – I found them in an art shop sale, couldn’t resist them and when Sue and I agreed to do the concertina collaboration they were perfect for the job. The other two I made, they are the same size, 15 x 9.5 cm, with board ends and folded 250gsm watercolour paper for the pages.

The way it works, we each do a drawing or painting on a double spread, leaving a little bit of the image hanging over to the next spread to anchor the following image. We have taken it in turns to be the starter, Sue started the garden and toys, I started the landscape and household objects ones. The subject matter has been very broad and ranging from very real to completely imaginary. We are working on both sides of the books.

Each one has been a joy to work on, and receiving them back from Sue I’m always excited and curious to see what she has done. Our styles work well together, and the ideas from each push the next forward.

I must apologise for the quality of the photos, I took them quickly before I packaged the books up to send to Sue for her next contribution and didn’t realise till too late that the focus wasn’t great on some of them, but hopefully you get the idea!


Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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    1. Someone said it is like ‘Exquisite Corpse’, the game where someone draws something, folds over most of it then the next person adds something, passes it on and so on, and it is! Its always a pleasure getting them back with the next page done!

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  1. I love seeing how this project continues Anna. Did either of you come up with themes or was it completely open? Your faces book was a real treat to visit too. You are exploring a lot of ground! Beautiful projects with two extremely talented artists!

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    1. Thanks Cathe! What started this project was the first collaboration I did with you and Gale and Karen – I showed Sue my book and she loved it, and some time later she suggested that we did collaborative work of some kind, so between us we decided on the two projects, the portraits and the concertina books, and the themes just came out of discussions over lunch! Its very nice how one thing leads to another – you will remember that you and I did one of the very first ones in a small book (our theme was the ocean), which I have put away safely!


      1. Anna, I do remember the first book, and greatly appreciate you bringing me into this creative pursuit. This round of books you are working with Sue on are great to see. The portraits are amazing, loved see them. Truly a great challenge to stretch one’s own creativity.

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  2. These are treasures. While I was away I looked at them on my I-phone and while they looked interesting, there is nothing as good as seeing them big on my large desk-top screen (except in real life). Each book is so individual with elements of elegance, humour, quirkiness and fun. I believe the enjoyment that each of the artists have with this project is clear in the work produced.


    1. Thank you Julie – yes, they have been fun, so I’m glad that comes through. Part of the pleasure is in the diversity, making each of us think a little before plunging in! I think once these are completed, we will start on some new ones (assuming Sue is happy to as well!)


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