Next collaboration book – Garden Life


The international collaboration is moving on another step. I received Karen’s concertina book from Melbourne about a month ago and have now completed my contribution, so today will be sending the book on its way to Rebecca in Sweden. From there it will go to Gale in Oregon, then Cathe in Minnesota. (Click on their names for links to their blogs. All of us except Gale are also on Instagram at Anna, Karen, Rebecca and Cathe.)

Karen’s theme was Garden Life, which encompasses all kinds of plants, animals, birds and insects, but I decided to stick with the Bird of Paradise flower which was in full flower at the time I was looking for inspiration around the garden.

This plant is huge and very old, it was well-established when we moved to this house 35 years ago, so is probably over 40 years old, and it dominates the front garden. I feel it has been a constant companion for that time, watching over us, seeing our girls grow from babies to mothers themselves, so it is significant, as well as being exotic and beautiful. The seedheads have a form that fascinates me too, see here and here for recent drawings. I did this drawing in coloured pencil.

Karen has done an amazing amount of work on this book, making not only a front page cover but a box as well. It is created in her typical style, strong, beautiful forms and rich colours, it is a real pleasure to look at!

So now it will be heading towards Sweden for Rebecca to add her hand to the book! I can’t wait to see what is next!

The front of the box
Front cover
Karen’s spread
My spread

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Anna, wonderful to see your beautiful art work in Karen’s book. I love the backstory on the Bird of Paradise. Karen’s book is absolutely gorgeous, those vivid colors! Your addition works perfectly!

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  2. Not only is the bird of paradise a strong lovely statement on its own, but it literally points to Karen’s work, connecting one work with the other. As such it is a metaphor for the communication between this group of artists. The book (so far) recalls to my mind Beatrix Potter who successfully combined serious study of nature with whimsy and fantasy.

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    1. That is so interesting, I wouldn’t have thought of the connecting link but you are absolutely right. Maybe the stalk will connect with Rebecca’s page which comes next. Very nice to be mentioned along with Beatrix Potter, her observational skills are wonderful!


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