Spring and Summer

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The collection of small square paintings continues to grow, so with an art society exhibition coming up and works needed, it seemed like a good idea to start grouping them. In the past I have framed them in groups of four, five and seven, but this time three seemed to work. They have been painted at various times, some as much as four years ago, others in the last few months, but natural groupings suggested themselves. The consistent limited palette of colours helps the works to come together nicely.

Probably because the idea of seasons changing was already in my mind (see End of the Season here) the titles of Spring for the top one and Summer for the lower one came to mind. I have already grouped two more sets to make autumn and winter. They may be framed in black rather than white – a decision to be made later.

They are painted in oil on canvas, each painting is 10 cm x 10 cm.

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

26 thoughts

  1. Ah these are stunning. You are using my secret weapon, a limited color palette. I guess that is no secret but it really holds one’s eye.

    Are you cutting into your paintings to make the square shape?

    I really like these, such a nice way of presenting a series. I’m particularly in love with the second one, I think because of the shapes and textures from a smooth, tight surface to soft petals and back to smooth, I also really react to the colors. Of course the first one is absolutely lovely and captures spring.


    1. The limited palette has so many advantages, I don’t think I could paint any other way! No, I’m not cutting into them, each one is as it was painted, they all have a sort of ‘cropped’ style to them. I’m so pleased you are enjoying them, I love the way you describe your response to them!


    1. Its interesting isn’t it, that grouping works can cause them to become more than a sum of their parts. I have fun (and sometimes confuse myself!) by grouping and rearranging these little paintings. I have five of them in my house on a low table where I have stacked two on top of the other three. I sometimes rearrange them, including turning them, just because I can! Thanks so much Kathryn!


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