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Some time ago I found some small Moleskine booklets in a remainder shop – they have eight pages within a light card cover, which has flaps that can be folded over to make an envelope. They are designed to be then posted. I liked the idea, but as with so many things, I put the booklets away and forgot about them.

When I got them out again, an idea I had was that they could be used as a collaborative project, I would do a couple of pages then post it to another artist who would do a couple more, then back again. But who keeps the booklet in the end? Maybe the answer is have two. If there is someone who would like to collaborate, let me know – the work does not have to be like mine, in fact it is better if it is different. Each spread can inspire the next. I can start another that will be different and we can work on both.

The imagery in this one is from blots of Liquid Pencil that I often use as a start. It is then drawn into with pencils, pen and coloured pencil, with no real plan, but marks are suggested by the form of the blots. I have called this one Spiderweb, as the gauzy connectors between areas remind me of fine webs.

Moleskine booklet, each spread is 22 x 17 cm (8 ¾” x 6 ¾”)

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Karl Lagerfeld said liquid paper is his favourite drawing tool. Saw that in a doco the other night. Is that the same as liquid pencil? There were shots of him using the stuff liberally in his fashion drawings.
    This drawing of yours is in your cartography style. It reminds me a bit of maps at the front of books such as the Narnia books…sort of magical landscape. Would you need to put a bit of tissue paper in between the pages before you shut the book? I wouldn’t want one side to rub against the other – especially with liquid pencil if it is what I think it is. Lovely organic drawing!

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    1. That is interesting about Karl Lagerfeld – I have just done some searches but can’t find any reference to him using liquid pencil (or paper – wasn’t that the stuff for correcting typing?) but I did find lots of his sketches and they certainly looked as though some were done in liquid pencil. Its really just a paste of graphite, and can be used like paint to draw with a brush when it is thinned down.
      I like the thought that this drawing is like cartography – I do love maps, especially those enigmatic ones of imaginary lands. I may need to put tissue between the pages – the liquid pencil can be quite powdery, but there is not a lot on here. Thank you for your always valuable comment!


    1. That would be great Karen! We can make it a three-way collaboration. I will contact you and Kylie by email and work out the details. I have already started the next one, so I could send that to you to be going on with.


  2. A lovely idea Anna ! Will enjoy seeing the artistic collaborative process evolve .
    I looked at your moleskin drawing yesterday and now today again … one could lose oneself in this tiny organic mapping of nerves wings folds … Gorgeous intricacy !


  3. Lovely drawing, so delicate. I’m amazed by your finding Moleskine booklets in a remainder shop (that’s a thrift shop, right?). They’re a bit pricey when you buy them new.


    1. Thank you! I know, I was surprised to find them myself. But they only have 8 pages. I wonder if they were a promotional thing, they only cost about $3. The paper is very thin, probably not the quality of the expensive sketchbooks!


  4. What a cool sketch. I’m so curious about liquid pencil, love the results you are getting Anna!

    Great idea, collaborate with the moleskin booklet. I ‘d love to join in but it would probably cost an arm and a leg to post and about half a year to get from a to b. I’ll enjoy seeing how it progresses on your blog!


    1. Cathe, I have 4 of these little booklets and will only be using three with the collaboration. If you would like to join me in the last one I would be delighted! They are quite little and thin, so shouldn’t be hugely expensive to post, and time is no issue to me. I would love to do something with you, so if you would like to, just let me know.

      The liquid pencil is strange stuff, a glittery graphite paste – I only use it to get blot images to start from, it becomes enmeshed in the drawing I do on top.


  5. Wow, Anna! I don’t know how I missed your post, but this is really beautiful! I have never heard of Liquid Pencil before. I will have to get some and play around with it. I love your idea about collaborating with someone on the booklet! I hope it works out for you. 🙂


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