100 days under canvas part 5 – flowers 

Western Australia is a unique state in many ways, but one aspect I delight in is the abundance of wild flowers. There is nowhere else in Australia where you can randomly stop at the side of the road – almost any road – and find an array of flowers diverse in colour, shape and form. I have taken photos of hundreds so choosing just a few to show here is tricky. You can Google ‘Western Australian wild flowers’ and come up with a massive array, so I will just show a few that I found particularly interesting or appealing. 

Next post will be back to sketches!



Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

15 thoughts

  1. It really is amazing isn’t it, when what they are growing in looks like nutrient-poor sand. There must be a metaphor for life in here somewhere. It is good that these treasures are still able to grow – man hasn’t yet stuffed up all the environments.


    1. That is something that we constantly comment on – how poor those soils are. Yet it seems the harsher the environment, the brighter the colours. I have great faith in the power of nature to overcome such huge obstacles!


  2. What a treasure trove of flowers Anna, I just love them all. I must make a trip there myself. That last flower looks like a Twining Fringe Lily I found here in Castlemaine. I wonder if it is the same. Great trip. Karen


  3. These are amazing. Thanks so much for posting these gorgeous photographs. I spend so much time cooped up in my NYC apartment (but quite content) and then I see your photographs and realize there is a world out there.


  4. Such wonderfully colourful flowers. I too like that blackboy (I’d never seen it with any flowerheads on it) and those brown/yellow dry daisies (that’s what I call them). BTW, the image directly underneath the brown/yellow flowers has stretched somehow and doesn’t render well in my Firefox browser. Look forward to seeing some drawings from you now, Anna.


    1. Thanks Janina – I’m glad you told me about the stretched image, I think I have fixed it now, but it might just come up small! The colours are amazingly rich, just driving along there are constant splashes of colour, so frequent stops to investigate.


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