Basket making

This weekend I went to a basket-making workshop with my daughter. On the first day we made an aboriginal reed basket, and on the second I made a melon basket while she made a dilly bag. I did not have high expectations of my results as I think much better in two dimensions, but was delighted with the results! It was surprisingly hard work, we both had sore fingers and were exhausted by the end of the weekend, but once you were weaving the repetition was peaceful. One of the nicest things about the experience was learning that all the materials are freely available in the bush or even in suburban gardens – I am now looking at people’s gardens with a much more predatory gaze!

2baskets_web melon_basket_web

Author: anna warren portfolio

I draw, I paint, I am a printmaker. Always searching for the interesting detail in the world around me.

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  1. Those Do look nice Anna . I can well imagine sore fingers with all the twisty movements involved in construction. Love the different materials used to give a multi textured look .
    These would look nice filled with some little chocolate eggs for Easter 🙂


    1. They were such fun to make, I astonished myself at how well they turned out, especially the one with the handle. And it was the quickest too, strangely. I don’t know where you are, but I did these at the North Sydney Centre, there is one weekend workshop a term. Highly recommended!


      1. Thanks, Anna; I’m in Melbourne. My wish is purely rhetorical as I don’t have the fingers for it any more…just the spirit! I love Aboriginal art. always have.


  2. These are really lovely. I would love to try and make a basket. I’m not sure if this makes sense but yours and your daughter’s look very professional…professional basket weaving?


    1. You are very kind to say that! But no, totally unprofessional, and so much easier than I expected. Both baskets are mine, my daughter did a small one similar to mine on the first day, then she did a dilly bag, which is a smaller finely woven egg-shaped basket while I was making the melon basket (with the handle). I thoroughly enjoyed making them, and will do more, but find myself taking on too many different artistic endeavours and not doing any of them properly!


  3. These are great to see, it is fun to do new workshops to try out new skills and learn from others. I like your results and I’m glad you’re pleased with them. Happy weaving!


  4. Wow, I love the reed basket. I made some baskets once upon a time, but nothing like yours! I remember that my hands were so sore and bruised from the weaving. I should have worn gloves. Enjoy weaving.


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